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Letís rediscover the locomotive together

I have always been fascinated with steam locomotives; you know the ones in those old Wild West movies. I grow up in a neighborhood that was about 1,000 feet from the railroad tracks.

I can remember putting pennies on the tracks as a child and waiting for the next train to come by and smash that penny into a copper pancake.

But as the years went by of me watching trains come and go day after day I started to become more interested in, who made them and how they work. I created this site about locomotive and trains for all the railroad model hobbyist, information seekers and train lovers to have a place to discuss, share and enjoy.

Train history, who invented the first steam locomotive
train history the first person to invent the steam locomotive engine for railways was George Stephenson who was born on

Steam locomotive, wondering how does it work? Find out how..
First off let’s define a steam locomotive. A steam locomotive is a self- propelled vehicle

Steam locomotive parts...boiler,train controls
Steam locomotive are fitted with a variety of appliances. Some of these relate directly

Steam locomotive performance, boiler heaters, steam injectors
Steam locomotive factors that limit locomotive performance is the rate at which fuel is fed into the fire. In the early 20th century some locomotives

Steam locomotive braking system and related parts
Steam locomotive..have their own braking system, independent from the rest of the train. Locomotive brakes employ large

Steam locomotive lighting...oil burning lamps,bells,whistles
Steam locomotive night operations began, railway companies in some countries equipped their locomotives with lights to allow the driver

Steam locomotive manufactures in the u.s. always built
Steam locomotive engines in the United States have nearly always been built in and for United States railroads with

Steam locomotive....what makes the chuffing sound...inner workings
Steam locomotive exhaust steam is directed upwards through a nozzle called a

Steam locomotive burned different fuels which include
Steam locomotive...The fuel used in the steam locomotives depended on what was affordable and economically available. In the UK and parts of Europe

First steam engine..Locomotive timeline, 16th and 17th century
First steam engine...locomotive timeline, beaumont designs and builds roads for the English coal mines to

Baltimore ohio railroad...Locomotive timeline, mid 18th century
Baltimore ohio railroad the first line of rails in the New England States is said to have been laid down at Quincy

Locomotive timeline, early 19th century to present
locomotive timeline, The American Locomotive Company, along with G.E. and IR, builds its first Diesel-electric loco.

railway timeline, early 18th century...train history,first locomotive
Railway locomotive timeline, Evans an American inventor who produced an improved high-pressure steam engine

Railroad locomotive timeline, late 18th century locomotives history
railroad timeline, the first railroad bridge across the Mississippi River is completed between Rock Island, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa.

Steam locomotives inner workings....whats makes the steam locomotive go...
Steam locomotives boiler is typically placed horizontally and for locomotives designed to work on steep slopes, it may be placed vertically or

Diesel locomotive..what is a diesel locomotive
Diesel locomotive is a type of railroad locomotive in which the prime mover is a Diesel

Diesel locomotives...diesel locomotive history
Diesel locomotives was operated in the summer of 1912 on the Winterhur-Romanshorn Railroad

diesel locomotive..first uses diesel locomotive.. history
diesel locomotive..In 1917, GE produced an experimental Diesel-electric locomotive using Lemp's control design, the first

Diesel locomotive vs steam locomotive...the good and bad
Diesel locomotive vs steam locomotive engines slowly started to overtake those powered

Diesel locomotive trasmission types..diesel electric locomotive
Diesel locomotive..Unlike steam engines, internal combustion engines require a transmission to power the wheels. The engine must

Diesel does it work and complete history of the diesel locomotive
Diesel electric, the Diesel engine drives an electrical generator whose output provides power to the traction motors

GE locomotives, diesel locomotive throttle control...unlike gas pedal in a car
Ge locomotives..The prime mover's power output is primarily determined by its rotational speed RPM and fuel rate, which

Diesel locomotive propulsion system operation..what makes it go
Diesel locomotive as previously explained, the locomotive's control system is designed so that the main generator electric power output is matched

Electric diesel locomotive dynamic braking to stop
Electric diesel locomotive..A common option on Diesel-electric locomotives is dynamic braking. Dynamic braking takes advantage of the fact

Diesel locomotive, Electric diesel locomotives applications..operates on both
Diesel locomotive. These special locomotives can operate as an electric locomotive or as a Diesel locomotive. The Long island

Diesel locomotive..reliability of the diesel hydraulic locomotive
Diesel locomotive, In Germany and Finland, diesel-hydraulic systems have achieved extremely high reliability in operation. Persistent

Steam does the steam locomotive work
Steam engine.The typical steam locomotive has a steel fire-tube boiler that contains pressurized water and steam.

Railway museum...locomotive museum and history, train rides
Railway museum...I enjoy going to museums and seeing first hand all the history that shaped the world we live in today. There is just

China's high speed rail system is growing...breaks new record
High speed rail...cities in central and southern China to 3 hours. Trains reach top speed of 220 mph and

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